for the development
of the WHSD project

Western high-speed diameter is one of the most technological highways in Russia

The main stage of creating of the highway ended on December 2, 2016, when, in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation was held a ceremony dedicated to completion of the construction of the Central section of WHSD. After that, the traffic along the entire stretch of the highway was launched.

At the same time, WHSD remains a dynamically developing project with the best modern technologies implemented to make the highway even more convenient, safe and effective.

Road safety

The project of photo and video recording of violations of the road rules was successfully implemented.

The latest technology enables to record violations of speed limits, lane selection (including cargo vehicles), stops on highways, etc.

There are specially designed reflective elements installed on the most difficult stretches of the highway to separate adjacent off-ramps.

According the feedback from the drivers, this measure makes navigation easier and safer.

Toll Technology

Constantly due to the growing percentage of users paying for travel with transponders, the number of Fast lanes keeps growing on WHSD. This measure helps to significantly increase toll plazas capacity.

Payment receivers are in the testing stage, which allow the users of transponders to pay the toll without the participation of cashiers.

Perspective interchanges
The creation of three prospective interchanges of WHSD with the road network of St. Petersburg is scheduled:
  • Interchange with Novoe Highway;
  • Interchange with Shuvalovsky Prospect;
  • Interchange with Shkipersky protok St.