Importance of WHSD

“Western High-Speed Diameter” is the largest transport project in Russia, implemented in the framework of a public-private partnership. Moreover, it is one of the largest PPP projects in Europe. I am glad that VTB will take an active part in the construction and operation of one of the most technologically advanced high-speed highways in Russia."

A. L. Kostin, President-Chairman of the Board, VTB Bank

WHSD is a highway of not only the city, but also of the federal importance. Its construction meets the priorities of the social and economic transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg and Russia.

Originally, the route was designed back in 1966. Even then, there was an obvious need for solution of the problem of withdrawal of cargo flows from the port, unloading of the city streets from the cargo and transit transport, providing transport links to the city.

Transport Goals Attained:

  • Provides transport connection between the north-western, the central and southern regions of the city;
  • Solves the problem of transport isolation of the Vasilievsky Island from other regions of St. Petersburg;
  • Relieves the transport road network of St. Petersburg, including the central part of the city being under UNESCO protection;
  • Improves the environmental situation in St. Petersburg by relieving the city roads;
  • Partially solves seasonable road congestion problems at the exit from the city to recreational areas.
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Economic Significance:

WHSD allows St. Petersburg to develop as one of the major trade and transport centers of worldwide importance.

On an urban scale the highway:

  • Creates approaches to the Big Port thus facilitating the growth of freight turnover;
  • Simplifies transport connection between the port, railway, air and motor terminals and provides their connection to federal highways;
  • Ensures transport accessibility of St. Petersburg Passenger Sea Port situated on reclaimed areas of Vasilievsky Island; the capacity of the complex may reach more than 12 000 people per day. Providing an access to it will influence the development of St. Petersburg as a tourist center;
  • Achieves the goal to provide transport infrastructure to the north-west of St. Petersburg, which is being rapidly developed as a residential, business and industrial region;
  • Provides tax deductions from operation, which are further transferred to budgets;
  • Provides the working places and orders for the city enterprises;
  • Provides perspective development of transport infrastructure in the districts adjacent to the WHSD route;
  • Facilitates the development of territories, increase in liquidity and price of the real estate in the districts adjacent to the WHSD route;
  • WHSD creates new architectural attractions of St. Petersburg.

On a federal scale the highway:

  • Becomes a part of and increases the capacity of the “North-South” transport corridor;
  • Increases the general federal efficiency indicator of physical distribution system;
  • Creates conditions for population mobility.