HR policy

Training and development

Staff has a great opportunity of self-development and carrier path in the Company. NCH provides a possibility to attend professional trainings and extension courses at the Company’s expense.

Social Protection
The following initiatives are being undertaken:

  • Voluntary medical insurance;
  • Corporate mobile number;
  • Material assistance;
  • Special conditions for additional motivation of Staff.

Policy of attraction of high-qualified professionals and building up lasting business relations with them

Leading experts of respective grounds are being involved into work at the high offices in the Company. NCH takes all the necessary efforts to attract highly-qualified professionals well experienced both in Russia and out of the Country.

Work conditions

Well-adjusted system of administrative support of the Company provides the most comfortable conditions for Staff’s work.

All the necessary efforts are being undertaken to provide labour protection according to the profile of the Company.

Labor Protection Principles

  • fulfillment of the requirements of the Legislation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, standards in the field of labor protection;

  • continuous improvement of labor protection and working conditions;

  • planning and implementation of activities aimed at reducing occupational injuries;

  • planning and carrying out activities aimed at equipping workers with personal protective equipment against hazardous production factors corresponding to the current level of science and technology in the field of labor protection;

  • non-discrimination and prohibition of child labor;

  • openness of significant information on labor protection activities.

Goals and Objectives

  • ensuring the functioning of monitoring and control systems of labor protection and working conditions at workplaces;

  • conducting a special assessment of working conditions;

  • informing workers about labor protection and working conditions at workplaces, about existing risks of damage to health, about measures for protection from exposure to harmful and dangerous production factors;

  • minimization of risks and prevention of the risk of industrial injuries;

  • continuous training in safe methods and techniques for performing work and testing knowledge of labor protection requirements;

  • improvement of the labor protection management system of the Company through the timely development and updating of corporate governing documents, regulations in the field of labor protection, a clear delineation of the rights, duties and responsibilities of employees for compliance with labor protection requirements;

  • allocation of organizational, material and financial resources to ensure the functioning of the OSH management system and labor protection measures;

  • ensuring the personal responsibility of managers and direct implementers for compliance with labor protection requirements;

  • permanent formation of a positive image of MSS as a Company focused on the priority of preserving the life and health of employees;

  • improving the production culture, educational and professional level of workers in the field of labor protection;

  • taking into account the views of employees and other stakeholders in the management of labor protection in the Company.