Methods of payment


Transponder is a device designed for electronic toll collection. This type of paying toll gained an immense popularity worldwide. Transponder is installed within the vehicle, on a wind screen, and provides an automatic way of payment without a driver or cashier's help.
Paying toll by transponder is mostly recommended for frequent drivers.
Please note, transponder owners pay the lowest.
Toll will be automatically deducted from your prepaid balance. 

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By using transponder you:

Save time
  • Fast lanes
  • Driving through toll plazas in 3 sec.


  • Flow+ toll collection system
  • Special tariffs for transponders
  • Tariff options


  • "Vash ZSD 2.0" mobile app.
  •  Personal account 

Paying toll by cash
or credit card

These types of payment are accepted at specific toll plaza lanes with the toll booths installed. Tariffs for paying by cash or credit cards are higher. It is recommended for infrequent drivers. 

Please, note that we do not accept Maestro cards. 
Paying toll is only available by VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card.

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