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From 04.06.2018 new tariff options “Legkovoi 25” and “Legkovoi 50” are available for connection, offering discounts of 25% and 50%, respectively, for each trip on a vehicle of 1 or 2 classes.

Cost of additional services —
Tariff options

Applied to Basic tariffs for transponder.

Tariff option Calculate Cost Applicability of the tariff option
to the vehicle category
Legkovoi 10 10 200 I, II
Legkovoi 25 25 1260 I, II
Legkovoi 50 50 2940 I, II
Legkovoi 100 100 7000 I, II
Gruzovoi 10 10 400 III, IV

How to connect the Tariff option?

In the Personal account on the website.

Select “Personal account” in the top menu, then Transponders / Cards.
Click on the transponder which you plan to connect the option to. The menu will expand, select the tab “Connect tariff option”.

Mark the class your vehicle belongs to, select the tariff option, activate the “Auto-renewal” option if necessary, click “Start”.

 You can manage tariff options in the “Personal Account” menu - Transponders / Cards.
In “Ваш ЗСД 2.0” mobile application.

On the main screen or in Settings menu select Tariff Options.

Select the tariff option. Click "Connect". Select the Transponder which you are connecting the tariff option to. Then "Connect".

You can independently and at any time change the value of the “Auto-Renewal” parameter for each tariff option. 

In the “Settings” menu you can check and manage the connected tariff options, as well as read information about each.

How to understand that my car belongs to the 2nd class

When approaching the toll plaza, the electronic system automatically determines the class of your vehicle.

In order to determine the class of your car, you can measure the vehicle length above the front axle - this length should be measured from the side part of your car. Start measuring from the center of the front wheel to the top edge of the bonnet. If that length would be less than or equal to 1.3 meters, then your car belongs to the first class, if more - to the second one.

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