The agreement for the launching of the interoperability system was signed between Northern Capital Highway, LLC and the other companies, operating toll roads on 19 October.

The electronic toll collection systems became interoperable since November 1, 2017. It means that any driver with a transponder of the Western High-Speed Diameter can use any electronic tolling system on the roads listed below:

M4 "DON" Highway
Part of the highway from Moscow to Krasnodar, the stretch from Krasnodar to Novorossyisk (21-633 km)

Service rules

Call-centre:: 8-800-707-23-23 (24/7)

M11 "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg" Highway

Vyshni Volochek bypass

Service rules

Call-centre: 8-800-707-23-23 (24/7)

M11 "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg" Highway (Moscow-Solnechogorsk)

15 – 58 km

Service rules

Call-centre: 8-800-775-10-00 (с 06:00 до 22:00)

M3 "Ukraine" Highway

124 – 173 km

Service rules

Call-centre: 8-800-707-23-23 (24/7)

Toll road "Northern bypass of Odintsovo"

km 1 – km 18

Service rules

Call-centre: 8-800-707-23-23 (24/7)

Using the tag on the other toll roads

The users of the other toll roads are responsible for:

  • Studying the Regulations and cost of service provided by the toll roads;
  • Follow the rules set by the toll roads;
  • Keep the tag account balance positive;
  • Keep only one tag inside the vehicle;
  • Follow the tag mounting instructions.

Please note from March 3, 2019 new tariffs for roaming transponders come into effect.

The list of Issuers whose Transponders are accepted by the Operator for the purpose of registering the fact of provision of the service:

  • "Avtodor-Paid Roads", LLC - T-Pass Transponders;
  • "United toll systems", LLC - Transponders "15-58"
  • "New quality of roads", JSC - Transponders "Main Road"

The owner of the Roaming Transponder must:

  • Make sure that the technical capability provided by the Issuer of a Transponder is available;
  • Make sure that the funds on the account are sufficient to pay for travel;
  • Have only one transponder attached to the windshield of the vehicle.


If there are two or more Transponders in the vehicle at the time of driving on the WHSD motorway, registration of the fact of rendering the service is carried out automatically at the option of the Billing System and cannot be changed at the request of the User.


Questions and Answers

No. The option is initially set. You can cancell the option in your personal account.
To the company, issued the tag you use.
To get more details on how to use a tag on the toll roads different from the WHSD and vice versa.
Roaming tags users will be provided with an opportunity to pay according to Base «Tag» rate: Methods of Payment