Toll road entrance

Before entering the toll road please familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions. 

When approaching any entering ramp of the Western High-Speed Diameter you will see a sign indicating that the road is toll. 

You can check out current road and weather conditions on live traffic cameras

Check our website or mobile app. for the latest news.  

There are more than 249 electronic information signs, 2261 standard road signs and 371 individually designed signs on the Western High-Speed Diameter. 

Toll plazas

There are 16 toll plazas on WHSD.

When approaching the toll plaza, please, stick to the speed limits and keep the distance. 

Toll booth is a complex of specialized structures of a toll highway, equipped with toll collection systems, pass control and registration of the use of a toll highway. 

Paying toll


Transponders's signal is picked up about 30 meters before you approach the toll plaza. Once the transaction has successfully completed, the barrier will open.

Please note that your transponder has to be installed inside the car as it is shown in the instructure. The balance should be positive. 

Fast lanes were specially designed to allow the WHSD users to drive through at up to 30 km/hr without stopping for payment.

If the barrier closes in front of your car as you approach the toll plaza, please contact our dispatcher using the call button or staff member at the toll plaza.

Flow + is a toll collection system that allows transponder users to pay the trip is not according to the tariff zones, but more correctly from the entrance on WHSD to the exit.

Cash or cards 

You will see the monitor displaying a charge for your vehicle.

Keep moving only after:
  • cashier gives you a receipt,
  • barrier lifts,
  • traffic light is green.
Please, note that we do not accept Maestro cards. 

Paying toll is only available by VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card.


Transponder is a digital device which is fixed on a vehicle wind screen and provides an automatic way of payment without a driver or cashier's help.
Customer Service center:

Planernaya St, 18/2

Call-center: +7 (812) 380‐00‐30 daily from 09.00 till 21.00

When approaching a toll plaza, you have to drive safely and keep distance. 

The monitor will show a toll you have to pay. Keep moving after you get a receipt from a cashier. 

If you pay toll by transponder you have to stop before the barrier and keep moving only after it lifts. Driving through the Fast lane requires no stop. 

If you enter the toll road and don't have enough money to pay, a cashier will give you a ticket. You can pay your toll violation within 10 days at any toll plaza.