Service quality assurance


According to the traffic rules, speed limit on the Western High-Speed Diameter is set on 110 km/h.

Under difficult weather conditions, road works, etc. dispatchers of the traffic control center promptly change the information on the variable signs along the route.

All these activities are carried out to ensure road safety.

You may report an accident and other emergencies by calling:

0405 - short number


Professional dispatchers of the traffic control center of WHSD 24/7 monitor the traffic situation on the highway with the help of more than 800 cameras.

After detecting an emergency or a stopped vehicle, dispatchers promptly contact traffic policeman, who quickly responds to the emergency.

If necessary, a dispatcher also call an ambulance or firefighters to the scene.

After making a forced stop on the highway experts also recommend to leave the car, if possible, and go over the barrier fence.

  • Do not stand on the road near your car,
  • Do not walk on the roadway,
  • Do not attempt to repair the vehicle by yourself on the motorway.

What to do if you got into an accident on WHSD?

Recommendations for drivers.

The Western High-Speed Diameter is one of the best-equipped multi-lane motorways of a kind: automatic traffic control system, lighting systems, damping devices, electronic information signs, more than 800 video surveillance cameras, dozens of sensors, weather stations, automated deicing system, dispatchers and 24/7 traffic policemen inspectors - all that and a lot more was designed to ensure the safety of the road traffic participants.

However, no one is insured from accidents on the road, even the most experienced driver. As practice shows, even the most equipped highway may become a place of an accident.