Flow+ toll collection system

Flow + is a toll collection system that allows transponder owners to pay toll for a trip not in correspondence with the tariff zones, but more correctly from the entrance to the exit point of the highway.

Flow + is a toll collection system that allows transponder users to pay the trip is not according to the tariff zones, but more correctly from the entrance on WHSD to the exit.

The tariffs of the Flow + * system (correspond to the Basic Transponder tariff) are determined for each possible route through the WHSD. Strictly observed: for any, the same route travel with a transponder is more profitable than when paying in any other way.

Transponder owners have their own tariffs for each possible route — Basic tariffs “Transponder”. Transponder owners always pay for the exact route, not for the entire tariff zone, set fares lower than those paid in cash by a one-time road user for the same route.

The most convenient way is to use the tariff calculator on the site. Just choose entry point on the highway and the exit point, payment method, day or night trip time, vehicle class, and the calculator will show how much the trip will cost.

You can see the table of cost of routes in the section Payment of fare or in any sales office. But it is still easier to use the calculator.

It would be hard to equip all the on-ramps and off-ramps of the highway with the toll booths. Instead, we installed specially designed equipment which can read the signal of transponder along the entire stretch of the highway.

WHSD is a highly-demanded highway. Given the growing traffic volume Flow+ system wil help to increase toll plazas capacity. 

It is Important!

Please pay your attention to the following information:

  • Fix transponder in accordance with the instructions

  • Keep your car windshield clean
  • Check the balance of the personal account.